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Cherron Castillo, Owner & Chief Seed Sower

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Hello! My name is Cherron Castillo and I am glad you are here. I am a national speaker, facilitator, instructional designer, and certified John Maxwell Team member.I hold a BBA in HR Management, and a Master’s degree in Professional Development- Management and Communication. My experience includes facilitation (of leaders and individual contributors), human resources, retail management, leadership coaching, training design and development, working with cross-functional groups, and education. Teaching and learning are my passions and defining aspects of my life; I truly believe I have been given the gift of communication.Great training and development should bear good fruit; the people around you should experience the benefits and get better because you get better! ​

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Helping People & Organizations Grow

Are you looking for a qualified instructors who are available to provide tailored lessons for your needs? We're committed to offering personalized content and instructive services to clients globally.We love what we do, and are committed to helping people grow to their full potential and reproduce those results in others.

Meet Our Seed Sowers.

At Fruitful Training Group, we're proud to work with a diverse network of skilled professionals who collaborate with us to deliver exceptional training solutions. They represent the depth and breadth of expertise available to meet our clients' needs. By leveraging this collaborative approach, we ensure that our training offerings are comprehensive, impactful, and tailored to our clients' unique requirements. Explore below to get to know a few of the talented individuals who contribute to our success.

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